Jul 26, 2016


RQOB has come a long way. It was my conscious decision to carve out a very specific aesthetic for my business. My bail bond agency is different than any other, not only in Los Angeles, or in the state of California, but in the entire country. My business has an artistic, lowbrow, counter culture vibe to it that reflects who I am, who we are, & who my clients are. Art, the art of motorcycles, the art of Lowrider's & hot rods, the art of tattoos, is all part of what my generation is all about. 
My bail bond agency does not cater to John Q Public. It caters to the underworld of Los Angeles, & surrounding county's. This video is so very special to me, as it reflects those qualities as does all of the projects that I either create or participate in.

Tomorrow the full length video will premiere on my very first official website. I never felt that I needed a website, until recently I realized that the business & social media has grown to the point where there needs to be one homebase. I want to thank everybody for your continued support throughout all my years in business. Thank you for over 28,000 views on my blog. Please take a moment to watch the first official video presented by WACKOE FILMS,  BOND GIRLS ARE FOREVER, tomorrow on the launch date of Raquel Queen of Bail Bonds website. Please watch the video till the very end to see the credits. Special thanks are very important, many people deserve the credit. I could not have done this alone. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you get the parody! 

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