Jul 25, 2016


In 11 years I have hired a bounty Hunter ONCE. I have never liked any bounty hunters that I have ever met. Because they're rude or disrespectful? No, absolutely not. I dislike them because their demeanor is punitive. They act like some sort of law-enforcement and I suppose they are an arms length away from an actual cop, and that's probably why I highly dislike the entire idea of a bounty Hunter. I am in the business of getting people out of jail. Unfortunately, I had one client that simply refused to go to court while he was living with his mommy. The thought of having somebody in tactical gear somewhat representing my business in public, gives me the shivers, but I had to do it. This is my experience with the Bounty Hunter... 

I called a couple of bountyhunters and got some price quotes. I told him the situation, there is a kid that refuses to go to court, he lives with his mother, and here is his address, it's a simple pick up. I'm well aware that the Bounty Hunter is going to have to do some surveillance find out the schedule of the people coming in and out of the house, that should take one day, two days max. I was quoted a charge of $700. I agreed to it. The defendant was apprehended, arrested, and brought to jail. I then received an invoice for $1600. Reason being was the Bounty Hunter claimed they had to conduct a full investigation. I said that's great, I just need a copy of that investigation.
I never ever heard from this Bounty Hunter again. I never got a copy of any investigation. I sent him the $700 that he quoted me and that was that.
Bail bonds in its entirety can be somewhat shady to say the least.

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