Jul 9, 2016


The Queen of Bail a Judge in the WAREHOUSE of KUSTOMS at the WHITEWALL NATIONALS!!!! 
Some of you may think to yourself how does that work? Well here's a little bit of background about me that you may not know! 
My very first car was a '68 Chevy Impala. My dad gave it to me the day I turned 16. I instantly got into cars and started getting Hot Rod & Lowrider Magazine. I started going to all the car shows and modifying my Chevy. When I would get in trouble my dad would take the distributor cap off so that I couldn't go anywhere. Needless to stay I started learning about the engine as well. Motorcycles and cars became an obsession of mine at a very early age. I started learning about Clay Smith Cams, Mooneyes, and hooker headers, glass packs & the difference between a Ford and Chevy motor.

I started going to all the car shows as much as I could. I even went all the way to New Jersey for an annual lead sled car show. Paso Robles was an annual event.. In the '90s when many people were into hip-hop, we were into hot rods, Lowriders, motorcycles, being a greaser or a biker and listening to everything from punk rock to oldies to swing music, bebop and Jane's addiction too! 
I got a fantastic education on motorcycles from my ex who I was with for eight years. He was and still is a senior mechanic at Bartels Harley Davidson. Every year he built the race bike for the Bonneville Salt Flats, & broke records. 
I also had a '66 Chevy truck. At the time I was in welding school at N.Valley Occupational Center. First thing I did was lower the front, took the shifter off the column, got rid of those big goofy side view mirrors, put blue dots in the taillights, got rid of the big rear bumper... That truck always ran hot and it drove me crazy. Being a young girl, not being able to afford to build my truck I thought.. I know what I'll do, I'll get it I'll get an El Camino. I wanted disc brakes, I wanted power steering, I wanted a heater and air conditioner!! I got a 1983 El Camino and it was my baby! She was sweet with her Cragar wheels, lowered and clean as hell!
I also worked at Exile Cycles for two years. I learned a lot about motorcycles during my employment there, it was one of the best jobs I ever had before I found my place in Bail Bonds. I worked for Indian Motocycle when they made their brief comeback, & to be honest that was not the best memory..  Needless to say I am beyond excited and honored to be the only female judge in the 2016 WHITEWALL NATIONALS. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and my background. I hope to see you all July 16th in San Pedro at this year's event!

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