Jul 31, 2016


This last Friday night I was invited to the Easyriders Archive Art Show. I had been up since 5 AM but I really needed to get out and just have some fun and not be promoting. I got rockstar parking to begin with so that was a good sign.
The space was beautiful with an enclosed outdoor area, a downstairs shop, and the upstairs gallery. When you walked into the gallery, there was beautiful art displayed from the Easyriders Magazine archives. The show featured art from the 70's, both sketches and paintings.
The show had everything you needed for a successful night. A gorgeous view of downtown from the windows of the gallery, a full bar, and there was some cool cat playing bottleneck guitar throughout the entire evening. But the best part of the show without a doubt was the live art installation of a David Mann painting. It was truly incredible to see the clouds, & all the details down to the yellow stripes on the road the bike was on. The models were perfect, it was really a sight to see. My only complaint is I don't know who did the art installation or who built the bike. If there were signs, I missed them.
After a few cocktails and mingling with both old friends and some new, we went downstairs to check it out. Downstairs they had a female DJ that played the best music all night long. My girlfriend Freedom and I were the only two girls dancing. We didn't care, it was infectious and people joined in. We danced until 1:30 in the morning!
What was completely missing from this show was the presence of cops, on the street, or in the neighborhood. Big pushy bouncers, and snobby attitudes were entirely missing as well. 
My compliments go out to Cary & Karen Brobeck, the curators of the show. Douche LaRouche MC, & Sacred Steel Metal Works, & Easyriders Magazine for a super great night! 

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