Aug 12, 2016


As you know everywhere I go, I either give somebody my card or put it where people can see it. At my regular juice spot they have a bulletin board and of course my business card is on it. This being Studio City, Toluca Lake area, there are studio types everywhere. We have Universal Studios, & CBS Studios.  Burbank is our neighbor and they have many studios including Walt Disney, NBC and Warner Bros.
A producer noticed my business card, appreciated my logo and had a vision. That, in and of itself is inspiring to me. I love to observe and learn from successful people with experience and accomplishments. Highnoon Productions or Burt Kearns & Michael Braverman, have years of success and experience producing films, shows, commercials, specials and documentaries. Which include shows that you have heard of such as Bar Recovery, Cake Boss, and Conspiracy Theory. 
We have been developing and filming for a few years now! Our first sizzle reel (mock episode) was filmed in my office in Hollywood and was very real and somewhat hard core. As the climate of what is airing on TV changes, so does the attitude of our project. If it's one thing that I've learned in my 11 years in business, it is that things take time. Impatience does not go with quality and determination or tenacity. 
Now here we are at it again, and we will be filming this Labor Day at the most celebrated car and motorcycle show, the Ventura Grand Nationals! The Queen of Bail and the Bond Girl's will have a booth as a home base. Of course we will have giveaways of T-shirts, stickers, poster signing, photo opportunities, and of course some delicious custom cookies by Lexibell Baked Goods. Meet the up and coming Princess of Bail, and meet your favorite  Bond Girl! Stop by, say hello, get on camera and be a part of the kustom Kulture of Los Angeles! 

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