Aug 21, 2016


Every month RQOB has a schedule of events, appearances, photo shoots, or things we just want to go to and check out!
This Labor Day weekend the Bond Girls and I are going to have a booth at the Ventura Nationals. 
One of the most exciting things to do at this event is the Wall of Death! I have never seen it in person, I've only heard about it. The Wall of Death is a vintage live action thrill show. The Moto Drome is a silo shaped wooden cylinder 30 feet in diameter where, inside, motorcycle daredevils travel along the vertical wall performing tricks and acrobatic riding! 
It has a super carnival feel to it. I am so excited to see this! Stop by the Queen of Bail booth and get some goodies! Meet your favorite Bond Girl, get on camera, and be a part of the Kustom Kulture of SoCal!

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