Aug 30, 2016


I am super excited to have been invited to the Ventura Nationals Art Exhibit!!  Friday night is the beginning of the Labor Day weekend. The Ventura Nationals hosts the official art exhibit curated by Kustomz Gallery. This year there is a group of amazing artists!
It's quite a party, with the entire street blocked off with VIP Kustoms parking. 805 Beer has made a huge donation!
There is a raffle that I am donating gift bags to. I have a gift bag for men and I also have one thats for women. Custom cookies is always a great big hit at more intimate events. I love being able to actually meet the people that I work with prior to the hectic atmosphere of the actual day of the show.
The Queen of Bail has a booth this year & would like you to meet the Princess of Bail, and the Bond Girls! We are filming a pilot for a reality show pitch. Wish me luck! This is not the first time we have filmed a mock episode! The timing, climate of what's currently doing well on TV, & many other factors all has to do with whether a show will get picked up or not.
See you at the event, stop by the Queen of Bail Bonds booth, and get on camera with us! Be part of the Kustom Kulture! Get your gift bag! 
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! See you Friday night and then I'll see you Saturday as well! Happy Labor Day!

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