Sep 12, 2016


RQOB has always covered the entire state of California, but now getting out of jail on the east side of town just got faster and easier. I never make a client wait for me to drive out to San Bernardino or Riverside County in the middle of the night. I have local representatives that can post bond for me in the local area of where ever you are in the entire state of California. RQOB now has BOND GIRL CHERRY reppin out in Covina, Pomona, Riverside, San Bernardino, & surrounding areas. 
RAQUEL QUEEN OF BAIL is growing! We have you covered in Hollywood and Los Angeles, all of the west and northwest side of the San Fernando Valley,  Westwood, Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu! The Queen, the Princess, & the Duchess have you covered 24/7-365! 
Follow your favorite Bond Girl on social media we now have a new Instagram page! @bondgirlsare_forever 
Thank you for all of your support! Stay tuned for upcoming events with the Queen of Bail and her court!

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